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About this search

Select the appropriate childcare type and then click on search to see the results. If entering a postcode please ensure you enter the distance you are prepared to travel, into the Range (miles) box. Our information comes from Ofsted, therefore anything open 6 hours or less is listed as a Pre-school, over 6 hours is a Day Nursery.

Saved Results / Printing tips

From the results page you can select different childcare providers in two ways. 1- tick one or more boxes on the left hand side then click "add to saved results". 2- When viewing the details of a particular provider click on "add to saved results". You can do this for different searches to combine your results, ready for printing/reading. You are able to print/view all saved results by first clicking on "saved results" then the large printer icon.

1. Local childcare > Step 1 of 1